Fitness is ultimately the combination of activity and nutrition. The two keys to being fit are 1) movement and 2) food.

We do not believe in perfection. We believe in consistency. What’s the difference? Well, perfection would have you give up when you slip up. Consistency just has you commit to slow, steady, forever progress.

Consistency is getting back up after you’ve fallen and taking the next step towards your goal. Staying on the journey, despite detours, is key.

Forever progress.

Every big goal has to be broken down into small steps. And fitness is no different. The most important thing you can do is to commit to being consistent. Commit to making daily, weekly, monthly and yearly progress.

Your fitness has to be a hobby that you’re passionate about.

The Keys to Nutrition

We’re not going to tell you that one diet is the only way to go: because everyone is different. Everyone has different genetics. Everyone has different nutritional needs.

Some diets are better than others. Most importantly, diets that focus on real, whole foods that are nutritionally dense, are the ones you should aim for. Keto, Paleo, Vegetarian, Atkins, Whole30, etc. can all point you in the right direction, especially if you’re starting point is the typical American Diet that includes a lot of processed foods.

Here are the 10 Keys to Nutrition:

  1. Eat nutritionally dense foods (meats, vegetables, etc)
  2. Don’t drink your calories
  3. Pay attention to how foods make you feel after you’ve eaten them
  4. Drink enough water
  5. Eat enough protein
  6. Eat healthy fats only (avoid unhealthy, industrial fats)
  7. Avoid highly processed foods
  8. Take are of your gut
  9. Avoid empty calories
  10. Pay attention to how you feel

Nutrition is part science and part art. So #10 is very important. Food should make you feel clean, not sluggish. It should make you feel full, but not bloated. Not everyone is the same. Dairy, for example, makes some people feel great, and others feel bloated. You’ll need to find out for yourself. Some foods, on the other hand, make almost everyone feel great. Salmon, steak, oysters and beets are some examples.

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