The Kickboxing style we teach at Station 6 in Tullahoma is based in Muay Thai but we add in more footwork from Boxing and Karate to make it a well rounded striking system.

Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and is considered to be the most effective striking Martial Art in the world. Also knows as the “Art of 8 Limbs” due to the use of; Elbows, Fists, Kicks and Knees, Muay Thai is a fun and effective way to get in shape and defend yourself.

Much like Jiu Jitsu, you will not find many modern MMA Fighters not being knowledgeable in the art of 8 Limbs. We incorporate our style of Muay Thai into the Station 6 Fitness Program, with at least one Station per workout completely dedicated to Kickboxing in every class!  Burn fat, increase your cardio, gain mobility and have a great time!